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Spinal Compression Fractures: Causes, Symptoms, Tests & Treatment

Spinal compression fractures can be better explained by saying that these are broken vertebrae or the damaged bones of the spine. There are a few causes that can be attributed to compression fractures of the back and while this illness may not be easily diagnosed, many patients realize its existence only when they have symptoms that are common to those who have this kind of illness. When this happens, it's about time to go to the doctor for a consultation. Causes of Compression Fractures of the Back Though there is no single cause of compression fractures, the most common cause [...]

Important Reasons Why Chiropractic Care is Necessary after a Car Accident

We listed important reasons why an automobile accident doctor is necessary after a car accident. Our backbone is one important part of the skeletal system, as it is where our spine is located, which serves as a support of our entire body to stand straight, bend or even twist our body, not to mention it holds our shoulder, head and upper body. Imagine how things would be if your spine is damaged? Then it would be difficult for anyone to do the usual things that a person normally do. And this is something we wanted to prevent. […]