Hi there!

There may be a couple different reasons why you’ve landed on this page.

You may have landed on this page in to find a chiropractor and you’re just looking around to see who may be best suited for you to get your health back in order.

Truthfully, there are a lot of great chiropractors in Jacksonville and each one has their own unique way of treating patients.

For me, it boils down to getting results for you and building a relationship where I hope to gain your trust and exceed your expectations of care.

Our health care system is broken and I don’t want to be a part of that cycle. I’m going to serve all my patients in a manner that I would want my family to be treated at a doctor’s office, with care, attention, and quality without limiting treatments because insurance doesn’t cover it.

From the time you arrive at Meridian to the time you’ve finished your treatment plan, I hope to instill a thought of “Wow, that is how healthcare should be.”

You may be just looking for information about chiropractic and symptoms that we treat. Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for by doing a search on the top right hand side.

If the information is not provided, send me a message and ask me any questions you may have.

One of the most important philosophies I have when I opened up my own office is to be accessible to my patients. So feel free to shoot me an e-mail!

I hope you’ll provide me with an opportunity to help optimize your health and if I can’t help, I’ll certainly do everything I can to refer you to someone who can.

Give my front desk a call at (904) 379-9412 to set up an appointment. I look forward to working with you!


Dr. Nhat Nguyen