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Did you know that chocolates, specifically Dark chocolates can benefit you in so many ways? In our last post, we introduced a sumptuous chocolate recipe (A Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge for a Healthy Spine) as a way of changing our notion of sinful indulgence of chocolates. In this post we will give you various ways of benefiting from having chocolate in your simple dessert recipes and how to come up with a very simple yet tempting healthy chocolate dessert.

Various studies suggest that important contribution of dark chocolates is not only limited to keeping a person slim and thin but it also help in preventing heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and even cancer. However, note that just because chocolates are beneficial for the body the other ingredients that you may be using along with the chocolates may differ and it is still advised to research more on the component of the recipes you are about to make.

Dark Chocolates contains compounds, pentamer, flavonoids, and magnesium that are beneficial for our body. For one, pentamer, which is normally found in cocoa is very beneficial in helping disrupt the spread of cancer in our body; as for flavonoids, which is also found in chocolates are also beneficial in reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks, it is observed that dark chocolates strengthens the brain and protects brain from being damaged caused by stroke, not to mention the presence of magnesium, which is beneficial for the nerve as well as bone formation;

Preparing a healthy and delicious dessert does not need to be arduous, one way of doing so to have a fruit invasion chocolate treat! Turn your simple fruit dessert into a splendidly tasteful fruity chocolate invasion. And the preparation is as simple as 1-2-3. Let’s prepare the ingredients. Chocolate Coated Cherry and Strawberry Dessert 

Here’s what you need:

  • Dark chocolate compound chunked (as desired)
  • Desired serving of Cherries
  • Desired serving of strawberries
  • Crushed Almond or Cashew Nuts for toppings

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Prepare to melt your chocolate compound using your microwave, make sure you don’t spill water or even just a whisk of water on the chocolate;
  2. After melting dip each strawberries and berries on the melted chocolates;
  3. Sprinkle with your choice of almond and cashew nuts and let it cool for 1 minute
  4. Refrigerate, and it’s ready to serve.

This is one easy to serve sweet treat. It’s not only a delicious treat but a healthy treat as well. Apart from Fiber Strawberry is also rich in essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, potassium and folic acid among others. Particularly, flavonoids found in strawberries are beneficial in reducing Cardiovascular diseases, additionally, the potassium content are also beneficial for people suffering high blood pressure.

Cherries on the otherhand are suitable for people who are suffering of arthritis or gout, cherries tend to reduce intense pain in associated with the said ailments.

Enjoy your chocolate, have fun with your cherries and strawberries. Love that sweet treat.