How is a Chiropractic adjustment performed?

A Chiropractic manipulation is manual procedure, in which it typically uses the physician's hand to manipulate or adjust joints of the body particularly the spine. It involves, a high speed but short lever arm thrust applied to a a spine. it gives a relieving sensation most of the time, although a patient may experience a minor discomfort about it only last for a short period of time, and basing it on treatments that discomfort disappears within 24 hours. Further, chiropractors always ensure that they are using procedures or techniques that would meet the specific needs of patient. After undergoing the [...]

Is Chiropractic care a continuous process?

Here at Meridian Integrative Wellness, we give our patients the option as to whether they wish to continue having a chiropractic care, to maintain their health and receive preventive care. Since our chiropractors are aware that each patients have a unique and individual response on the chiropractic treatment, each Chiropractic care varies. The nature of chiropractic treatment involves a manual procedure in which only the chiropractors can perform. Thus, chiropractor may provide an acute, chronic or preventive care, which would require patients to have visit our office a couple of times as necessary, usually time period of the treatment varies [...]

Why is there a popping sound when a Joint is adjusted?

The popping sound usually happened during manipulation of a joint, this is pretty normal as during adjustment, it release a bubble gas between the joints, which is normally caused by change in pressure within the joint.  

How can a Doctor of Chiropractic help me?

If you are suffering from pain in the upper or lower back, or even in your joints and ligaments, our Chiropractors can help you, through chiropractic manipulation. This procedure helps in restoring a misaligned vertebrae and return it back to a normal position, allowing proper circulation in the nerves, which would lead to natural healing of the body.    

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