A Chiropractic manipulation is manual procedure, in which it typically uses the physician’s hand to manipulate or adjust joints of the body particularly the spine. It involves, a high speed but short lever arm thrust applied to a a spine. it gives a relieving sensation most of the time, although a patient may experience a minor discomfort about it only last for a short period of time, and basing it on treatments that discomfort disappears within 24 hours. Further, chiropractors always ensure that they are using procedures or techniques that would meet the specific needs of patient. After undergoing the procedure, patients have note positive changes immediately.

In performing Chiropractic manipulation, chiropractors adhere to various manipulative techniques they can possibly use, mostly they adhere to the following techniques: they consider skill level involved with high velocity, low amplitude manipulation, thus, chiropractors look at the situation whether it is still necessary to apply adjustments.