A sense of unease, pain or discomfort anywhere along the spine, from the neck to the hips, is called as back pain. It is one of the common complaints plaguing mankind and often the most disabling too. The pain can arise from inflammation of muscles, bones, nerves, or blood vessel.

Multiple causes can result in an injury to the back. Incorrect posture or lifting technique, repetitive twisting motion and bending for lifting heavy weights can lead to an injury. Back pain can also result in a herniated disc, sprain and strain and rarely, fracture of a vertebrae. External mechanical injury from an auto accident may lead to the fractured vertebrae and/or herniated discs.

Young Man in need of a chiropractorIn today’s medical advancements, numerous therapies are available to relieve the back pain. A patient can opt for anything from simple physiotherapy, chiropractic medicine, and acupuncture. Correcting the problem to heal the injury properly returning you back to living and enjoying life to the fullest should be the primary goal. MIW helps you to get the fastest relief in a more personal as well as in a natural way through personalized chiropractic back pain treatment in Jacksonville, FL.

As the Hippocratic Oath states, “Primum non nocere” or “First do no harm,” chiropractic medicine is one of the health care professions which abide by this oath as it was meant to help guide health care practitioners to get their patients well. Often times, we seek the fastest result by sacrificing our health so we can move on to do other “important” things. Unfortunately, the law of nature does not work like that. True healing and proper health requires dedication and time. Chiropractic medicine is a great option for most of your health care needs, especially back pain. It involves a complete history-taking, a thorough physical examination and blood tests if necessary, by a licensed chiropractic physician. Using controlled application of forces to joints and muscles, the chiropractor relieves pain, restoring function and preventing further injury to the back. Chiropractors in Jacksonville, FL are also trained on how to prevent future injuries by educating the patients about good habits to reduce the risk of re-injuring the area.

Anyone may receive chiropractic care, be it an athlete, busy mom, weekend cyclist or the desk-bound analyst. Chiropractors will help facilitate the correct use of muscles for the appropriate functions/sports/activities to prevent further injury. Regular chiropractic medicine will aid the body to heal itself and achieve complete health. It will improve not just joint health and neutralize old inflammations, but will give a holistic edge and all-round rejuvenation. If you have concerns about your lower back pain and would like to talk to our doctor, call us at 904-379-9412 and we’ll get you a 10 minute phone consultation with him so you can ease your concerns.