So you’re searching online to find the best chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL to go to for your back pain or injuries or just for wellness care; you type in Google’s search box “how to find a chiropractor.” The results shows up with different articles on the tips and advice from your peers about their experiences. Even negative results from anti-chiropractic websites such as that will scare you from seeking chiropractic care in the first place. Chiropractic care by a Jacksonville chiropractorIn this age of (mis)information, you can get lost in the sea of articles telling you what to do and what not to do when looking for a doctor or chiropractor. The fact of the matter is, if you’re truly committed to your health and well being, you have to go hunt for a great provider to help you resolve your problems. Not all chiropractic doctors are the same. One may work great with a particular patient and not help at all with you because of his/her technique or expertise. In order for you to find that great doctor that will work with you is to go for their free consultation or pay a minimal initial visit cost to check them out. That is the only way to truly find out if the facility is right for your needs. During your consultation, ask all the questions you need to find out if the facility is right for you! Trust your gut! Below are my suggestions on how to go about finding the right chiropractor for you!

Step 1
Google “top chiropractors in Jacksonville FL” or chiropractors in (city) (state) or if you want to be more specific to your location chiropractors 32256 or chiropractors (zip code). Note that the second search entry is going to limit your results as you may need to travel a little bit further to find the right office.

Step 2
Build a list of offices that offer complimentary consultations or minimal initial visit fee. Often times, you will find one or the other and they’re both great offers for you as the patient to try it at little risk!

Step 3
Prioritize based on your research of offices you’d like to visit and set up your appointment.

Step 4
During your appointment, ask questions such as what kind of therapies they perform? Type of technique they use? Inquire about your condition and tell them everything you feel relating to the condition. It helps to let them know the whole picture so that they may draw a treatment recommendation that will get you the best results. If you feel like you’re being pressured or sold, most likely you are! Trust your gut!

Step 5
Make your decision! It should come down to your experience with your consultation and the communication between the office and yourself on the game-plan to get you feeling better!

Good luck on your journey to true healthy living! If you have other questions you’d like to ask me, shoot me an e-mail or call me in my office at (904) 379-9412. One of my staff will help answer the questions for you or if you’d like to speak with me and I’m free, I will be more than happy to chat! We glad to help you in finding the top chiropractors in Jacksonville, FL.