Oftentimes, people compare chiropractic treatment with traditional medicine which results in controversies on the use of chiropractic medicine. Believe me, both of them approach disease from an opposite point of view. While traditional medicine believes that it is the disease that causes ill health of a person, chiropractic practitioners believe otherwise — It is ill health that leads to a person’s disease.

chiropractic manipulation and adjustmentChiropractic Practice Controversies

So, what are the controversies around chiropractic treatment and adjustments that have created the notion that they are bad for everyone’s health? Let us explain a few of these.

  • Chiropractic has not been regulated by medical practice statutes. It is not even taught in medical schools and doesn’t make use of pharmaceuticals or surgery in its patients. However, it is considered an integrative and alternative form of healthcare because studies have shown that chiropractic treatment has increased in popularity because of the 80% American suffering from back pain, over 20 million of them have sought chiropractic treatment.
  • Since its inception in 1895, chiropractic has claimed that 95% of all diseases have been caused by displaced vertebrae and that chiropractic is focused on health preservation and restoration with special attention on the subluxation or the slight misalignment of a vertebra. This concept obviously refers to the 1895 theory. The chiropractors’ approach has been rejected by medical science and never got the full support of mainstream healthcare. However, many people have used chiropractic treatment and adjustments in treating some of their illnesses pertaining to back and neck pains as well as related neuromusculoskeletal problems. There has been a considerable evidence to the effectiveness of chiropractic care that has contributed to its legality in various countries in the world.
  • Neck adjustments could be dangerous and risky. However, there have been various evidences that support the positive effects of spinal adjustment in curing low back pain and neck and that chiropractic is one of the best examples of evidence-based care that has been performed by chiropractors.

These controversies definitely exist. However, the benefits of chiropractic adjustments in the treatment of various back and neck problems have been widely proven worldwide.

When to Consider Going to a Chiropractor

When is the proper time to avail of chiropractic adjustments? While traditional medicine focuses on attending to a person’s health at its crisis, chiropractic attends to the person’s health before it gets out of hand. When you are suffering from any of these, it is time to consult a chiropractor because these are symptoms that can lead to vertebral subluxation:

  • Damage has happened on the intervertebral joint that has caused joint swelling.
  • An inflammation that has been caused by lack of pure water, poor diet or psychological stress.
  • A misalignment of vertebra due to slip or fall.
  • Poor posture has caused the entire spine to misalign.
  • Tight back muscles as well as trigger points that have caused the pulling of the vertebrae out of its place.

When you or any of your loved ones experience any of these symptoms, you definitely need a chiropractic adjustment because symptoms like these are their field of specialty. Research studies have proven that many patients have been cured by chiropractors’ treatment and care.

Meridian Integrative Wellness for Chiropractic Care

One of the chiropractic controversies deal with the risk of neck adjustments in chiropractic treatment. This is so true because the neck is one of the delicate parts of the human body. However, if you find a chiropractor with  long years of experience and knowledge about what he is doing, you are definitely safe.

Dr. Nhat Nguyen of Meridian Integrative Wellness has been handling chiropractic treatments for a long period of time and has successfully managed his clinic in the past six years. If you are in Jacksonville, FL, why not pay a visit at Meridian Integrative Wellness so that you can avail of its free consultation to determine the best chiropractic treatment or adjustment and massage therapy that would suit you.

Chiropractic treatment is a natural method that helps you avoid the side effects of traditional medicine. The clinic offers health care solutions that are safe, effective, and affordable.

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