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Chiropractor offering 29 dollar first visitMeridian Integrative Wellness (MIW) provides our community with quality chiropractic and health care using gentle treatments and modern techniques. We will relieve your symptoms and empower you with the knowledge of how to prevent problems from arising in the future. We strive to inspire our patients to be proactive in their health.

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Other Common Conditions We Treat

Below are other common conditions we treat at Meridian and much more! If you would like to find out more about these conditions or if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please feel free to give us a call and one of our staff will help schedule you for a complimentary consultation with the doctor so you can ask him further detailed questions relating to your problem! (904) 257-8392

Headaches are one of the most common symptoms and hardest symptoms to evaluate as to where and why it is present! In our office, we take a very comprehensive health history in order to get the big picture of what is going on with your current health status and from there evaluate whether chiropractic is something that would be beneficial for you to receive. Treatments in our office can include anything from adjustments, soft tissue therapy, posture and exercise recommendations, education about job ergonomics and management with other health care providers.

Disc problems arise from many causes such as picking up heavy object, twisting and bending, sports injury. These spinal discs are innervated with many pain receptors that will cause extreme pain when irritated. Because these discs have poor blood supply, once they are damaged, it is difficult to heal. Through chiropractic care, we can facilitate the blood flow to the area of disc problem helping the disc heal faster to prevent degeneration of the disc
Sciatica refers to pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling in the leg caused by compression or injury to the sciatic nerve. Causes of sciatica may include piriformis syndrome (a pain disorder involving the narrow piriformis muscle in the buttocks), slipped disk, degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, and pelvic injury or fracture.

You may feel like a mild tingling, dull ache, or a burning sensation. Some cases of sciatica are debilitating. The pain is felt on one side of the body which may include sharp pain in the leg or hip. The pain may also be felt on the back of the calf into the foot.

Chiropractic can help by relieving these symptoms by removing the root of problem whether it be a compression of the nerve or assisting the rate of recovery of the nerve if injured.

Pinched nerves can be extremely irritating and uncomfortable and sometimes down right painful! This can be caused by many factors which may include the ligaments, muscles, joints, and bone structures pressing on your nerves sending a pain signal to your brain. This physical problem requires a physical treatment. No medication is going to make this issue go away. When cases like this arises, we make sure to rule out any underlying spinal and disc issue, then find out where an impingement my come from then correct it at it’s source. This way, the pain will not come back and the problem is completely resolved.
Scoliosis affects 5-7 million people in the United States. Many people suffer from the discomfort & pains and chose different options to treat those symptoms. Chiropractic, massage therapy and therapeutic exercises are some of the most effective and safest option for scoliosis. Studies have proven after a 24 month period of treatment with the three options mentioned, patients have reported improvements of their pain levels, decreased Cobb angles and improvements of activities of daily living.

TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Disorder is commonly mistaken to be a tooth ache or general headache, however, with proper exam and diagnosis, you can get relief with a well thought out treatment plan that fits your needs. Often times, this is all you need to treat your TMJ, but depending on your underlying cause of TMJ, we may also refer to a qualified dentist for further evaluation of your problem.

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What Patient’s Say

After 1st treatment I was able to sit up in bed after a night’s sleep without pain! No headaches the next day either. I look forward to my next appointment!
Cydnie P., Patient
I have been a patient of Dr. Nguyen’s for a few months now. I came to the office with neck problems. With the help of Dr. Nguyen and his staff the neck pain has completely subsided. I am grateful to them for their care and professional abilities to help me feel better.
Lisa G., Patient
I am seeing the knee muscles getting stronger. I can stand with equal weight on both knees for longer periods of time. Before I had to put all my weight on one leg. I am able to use the kneelers at Mass. The pain in my shoulder/mid upper back is improving, there are longer periods of fain free and when there is pain it is less severe. I have seen an improvement overall.
Deborah B., Patient
I am very happy to say that my headaches have gone away which was my main issue. I wake up feeling good instead of waking up with a headache. I have had a great experience and learned a lot about keeping myself healthy.
Arlysse B., Patient
I love coming to the office I feel everyone truly cares about me and are doing their very best to make sure I have a great experience. I have had the best massage experience!
Jennifer I., Patient