Healthy Bacon and Avocado salad in Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing Recipe

For the most of us, we find bacon to be so tempting especially for breakfast right? As I keep on saying, eating healthy doesn’t mean, we have to let go of food that we love abruptly. We just need to improvise. How would you like to combine your favorite bacon with a healthy salad recipe? Yes, today our cooking Chiropractor in Jacksonville is going to combine your favorite bacon with our healthy avocado salad. Let’s say hello to our Healthy Bacon and Avocado salad in Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing recipe. […]

How Important is Calf Stretching after a Run?

Photo Credit: Kyle Cassidy In the previous article on 5 Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way, I mentioned about accompanying brisk walking with stretches, in which I recommended Upper Calf Stretching and Hip Flexor Stretch as a way of cooling down. For this post we are going to discuss about calf stretching tips as a means to help you cool down after a strenuous activity. Let’s learn how important is calf stretching after a run. […]

5 Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

These 5 tips to lose weight in a healthy way goes out to everyone who wants to lose some pounds and is worried that they are not doing it right, or perhaps since they are still in the beginning process, still can’t find the motivation to get started. Well only when one is committed to a certain thing can someone get it done, for most, one way of getting yourself to commit is to ask that bigger “Why?” Here are it goes: […]

A Beguiling Asparagus Soup Recipe to Prevent Osteoporosis and other Illnesses

Today we are preparing a beguiling asparagus Soup Recipe to Prevent Osteoporosis and other Illnesses . In the modern world where food have low nutritional value, and some may even be processed, taking time to eat healthy food is indeed necessary in the modern times. The thing is we all wanted to be healthy and fit, but sometimes, very seldom of us are committed in keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. And the result? A number of people dies of cancer, heart diseases, and because of the lack of proper nutrition some even experience weakening of bones which results to [...]

How to Prevent or Relieve Muscle Pain after a Strenuous Activity?

After a strenuous exercise there is a chance of feeling sore the next day you wake up, but how do you manage soreness and joint pain, or that unwanted back pain? In this kind of situation, it is still best to do some exercises to relieve the pain. There are various forms of exercise but make sure you are making the right choice. Here are tips on how to prevent or relieve muscle pain after a strenuous activity. […]

Why is it Important to Take Care of your Body?

I’ve had many patients who come into my office and during their medical history intake, they discuss about their previous injuries which most will say “no major injuries” or “I’ve had surgery on x body part,” “I fell and injured x area.” Then, as I continue asking questions such as “Have you had any car accidents in the past?” They’ll say, “Yeah, but it wasn’t anything major, I only felt some soreness for the next couple of days and it went away.” […]

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