4 Steps to Prevent Injuries While Doing Crossfit

So you do crossfit.. Awesome!  It’s one of the best forms of exercises you can do! However a lot of crossfitters end their career early because they suffered an injury that put them out of commission. I’ve treated many patients who came in with a sport injury that they’ve never gotten taken care of correctly and it’s affecting their daily life. This article is not to discourage your from doing crossfit, it’s more so how to prolong your crossfit career. Crossfit is one of the best forms of exercises out there because it’s extremely functional and uses all parts of your [...]

How Important is Calf Stretching after a Run?

Photo Credit: Kyle Cassidy In the previous article on 5 Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way, I mentioned about accompanying brisk walking with stretches, in which I recommended Upper Calf Stretching and Hip Flexor Stretch as a way of cooling down. For this post we are going to discuss about calf stretching tips as a means to help you cool down after a strenuous activity. Let’s learn how important is calf stretching after a run. […]

5 Tips to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

These 5 tips to lose weight in a healthy way goes out to everyone who wants to lose some pounds and is worried that they are not doing it right, or perhaps since they are still in the beginning process, still can’t find the motivation to get started. Well only when one is committed to a certain thing can someone get it done, for most, one way of getting yourself to commit is to ask that bigger “Why?” Here are it goes: […]

How to Prevent or Relieve Muscle Pain after a Strenuous Activity?

After a strenuous exercise there is a chance of feeling sore the next day you wake up, but how do you manage soreness and joint pain, or that unwanted back pain? In this kind of situation, it is still best to do some exercises to relieve the pain. There are various forms of exercise but make sure you are making the right choice. Here are tips on how to prevent or relieve muscle pain after a strenuous activity. […]

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