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How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Relieve Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a condition which affects the joints and causes a lot of pain. It is more common in elderly people, but inflammation of the joints can affect young adults as well.  Arthritis can be rather crippling and debilitating if it is not under control. When you go to a chiropractor for the first time, they will talk to you about your history and the experience you have had with arthritis. They will discuss your symptoms and they will try to find ways to reduce your pain and help you manage the condition. If your arthritis has been chronic and [...]

Chiropractic Care for Osteoporosis — What you can do about it naturally!

Osteoporosis is commonly known as the “silent disease”, mostly because it progresses without any outward symptoms or signs for years and sometimes even decades. It is a bone weakening disease that develops gradually and makes bones so fragile that they could fracture under normal use. A minor fall or even a bump can cause a bone to break in someone with osteoporosis and normally this would not occur in someone without the disease. Osteoporosis affects over ten million people, causing 1.5 million fractures from the disease and usually common fractures sites tend to occur in the spine, then hips, followed [...]

Affordable Chiropractic Health Care in Jacksonville, FL — Is It Possible?

Nobody knows! Where is the affordable chiropractic health care in Jacksonville, FL? Prices are inflated by hospitals and insurance companies. The uninsured will not be able to afford the services and the insured paid too much to have coverage leaving them with nothing left to pay for their high deductibles! Sounds ridiculous? Because it is!!! […]

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