After a strenuous exercise there is a chance of feeling sore the next day you wake up, but how do you manage soreness and joint pain, or that unwanted back pain? In this kind of situation, it is still best to do some exercises to relieve the pain. There are various forms of exercise but make sure you are making the right choice. Here are tips on how to prevent or relieve muscle pain after a strenuous activity.

To relieve or prevent any muscle pain make sure to do the following:

Keep Moving. It is advisable to keep on moving after a workout, there may be some chances that you are tempted to drop unto the couch, but as much as possible it is best keep moving, walk around and let the your blood circulate.water and exercise

Drink Water. Water is very helpful for rehydration after working out. Drinking enough water within the day helps you get back on your normal self, however, avoid drinking beverages that are high on caffeine, or alcohol as it can cause dehydration.

Stretch. Stretching your muscles can be helpful in easing muscle, reduce the feeling of soreness, increase joint mobility and prevents injuries. After that energetic activity, it is important to do some stretching before your muscle stiffen. In doing a stretching exercise, you need to keep in mind that stretching should be pain free, it should be done slowly, and should take 5-10 times. One stretching exercise the can be beneficial for your back is the Back Extension Stretching Exercise, it stretches and strengthen your lower back. It also mobilizes your spine. To perform this exercise, here is how it’s done:

  1. For a starting position, lie on your stomach.
  2. Slowly, prop yourself on your elbows and gently raise your head and upper body off the ground. (Do not arch your body farther than what is comfortable as it may develop any back pain problems that already exist.) Note that you are doing this exercise to ease or prevent possible back pain. Do not bend your neck backwards and your hips must be grounded.
  3. You will feel a gentle stretch in the stomach and muscles. Keep a deep breath and hold the position for 10 to 20 seconds. Then return to the starting position.
  4. You may repeat for 5-10 sets times.

Note: If one is already experiencing a moderate to extreme back pain, it is best to visit a Chiropractic Doctor and see if it’s okay for you to go through stretching exercise. Feel free to contact us should you feel you need our help and we shall be very glad to assist you.