Reasons and Causes Why You Have Back Pain

Remember, a physical problem requires a physical treatment; a chemical problem requires a chemical treatment.

Back Pain CareBack pain, it’s so common that everyone has it. Most people will say it’s normal to have it because of age. The back pain we refer to as an ache is an early sign that something is going on. Your body is very fine tuned that if something is not right, it will give you a signal. We’ve just learned to ignore some of these signals because we don’t have the time to take care of it. It’s human nature, we understand. But there will be a time when that signal become much stronger that you won’t be able to ignore — that’s probably why you’re here, to find more about back pain.

So what causes back pain? Most common cause is muscle or joint dysfunction. Most of the time, pain comes from a physical cause meaning, the muscles has been strained, or the joint is inflamed. How did it happen? Well, if it was an acute injury, meaning you fell, stepped off the side walk the wrong way, or mechanisms of injury, then that’s your body’s response to healing. The pain is telling you to stop moving and give it attention. What kind of attention you give it depends on how well it will heal. If it’s not an acute problem, then it’s something you’ve done repetitively causing it to be injured little by little each day until at its break point does the body give you a signal that it cannot handle your abuse anymore. This could be poor sitting posture, the type of work you do, i.e. sitting at the computer all day or being in a weird position due to work, poor mattress support, or just overworking. Now this seems like a simple answer to a simple problem of “pain,” but why we get paid the way we do is to figure out definitively what the exact cause of pain is to treat it. In order for us to do that, we have to examine what the cause of it is. When we do, we can focus all our energy and treatment to that area to get it fixed rather than take a chance and hope that it’ll go away with some pain medication. It won’t.

So now that you’ve got this back pain that your body is telling you, “hey fix it or I will hurt you.” What do you do? Well, some people will go to their family doctor and get some pain medications to ease the pain. Eventually the pain goes down, but it never really goes away. Then it gets neglected gain. Some people just puts ice and rest until the pain goes down, then return back to their normal activity. But the pain never really goes away and they’ll continuing doing the same thing the next time the problem occurs. Then the smart ones go to find out what’s the cause of their back pain from a spine specialist then fix the problem so it doesn’t come back. Granted the last option is probably going to take more time and effort, it will most likely be the better choice. Remember, nothing in life is worth it if it’s easy. Health is not something you can take a shortcut with.

The good news is that the body is very resilient and will recover if the problem is not too major. However, a big warning is that if it keeps happening again and again, it’s not a good thing. Get it fixed early and you’ll find yourself in less of a struggle to be pain free. Better yet, it’ll save you from having to reach into your pocket to pull out the credit card.

In today’s society, everyone wants things fast and instant. Unfortunately, the laws of nature will not be changed for any one special person. Whether you have a couple billion dollars or couple thousand dollars, true healing is the same for everyone. The great thing about getting Jacksonville chiropractic care is it’s natural and it’s effective for long term results. Granted it takes some time to get to those results, but those results stay for much longer.

Imagine doing the things you use to be able to do like washing your car, playing with your kids, walking, riding a bike, sitting to watch TV, and enjoying other fun activities that is not limited or not even done anymore because the fear of pain. It’s time to get over this fear. How do you get over of fear? Knowledge! Knowing exactly what is causing this pain can put your mind at ease because you will know exactly what to modify from your daily routine in order for you to truly enjoy life. Don’t live in the fear, conquer it! We’re here to assist you with that!