About The Doctor

When you hear the word chiropractor, what comes to your mind? No, it’s not just about cracking people’s back and making them feel better. It’s about empowering patients with the ability to heal and education to prevent pain to improve quality of life.

With that in mind, Dr. Nhat Nguyen opened Meridian Integrative Wellness Chiropractic in Jacksonville, FL to implement his philosophy of chiropractic medicine to truly help his patients and the community.

With a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science, Dr. Nguyen is grateful to have had the opportunity to pursue chiropractic to help athletes and weekend warriors with their injuries. He has seen the transformations that chiropractic tends to make in people’s lifestyles.

He highlights that chiropractic is remarkable for pain relief, but can also be noteworthy when applied to a consistent basis for people who desire to maintain their body letting it function at an excellent condition. He thinks that chiropractic care is the key ingredient of a healthy lifestyle, just like eating properly or working out frequently.

He attended the New York Chiropractic College, where he learned the natural techniques on treating conditions such as low back pain, sciatica, headaches, and many more. He offers a gentle balance of expertise and personalized approach to his work and realizes each patient’s needs are different.

If you need any help, feel free to contact Dr. Nhat Nguyen. He knows that none of us is identical; perfect treatment should be given even if this means referring individuals, and everybody deserves a custom tailored treatment.

More About Dr. Nguyen

Surviving having my own business for 5 years. I had no business having my own business, but I thought I could do it. We opened in September 2010 and it was a struggle the first few years. A couple key things I attribute to MIW still being in business today is 1) The quality of care and results we get for our patients 2) Help from our wonderful team who has helped MIW become what they are today. 3) My stubbornness to never give up!

This is my biggest accomplishment yet and I hope to get bigger to provide more quality care to more patients needing real health care with real long term results.

If I had to pick a favorite activity, it’d have to be GOLF! Great sport to play just because of the challenge as well as the relaxation it brings. The beautiful scenery and hanging out with good friends.. there’s nothing else like it. Second would be tennis because it is a great work out and also another challenging sport to play.
I really enjoy helping people and building “things” to leave behind for younger generations to learn and use to make this world a better place. One of the “things” I’m currently building is our Building Bridges Foundation which will focus on providing resources to anyone in order for them to get ahead. We are going to focus with kids and providing them resources to excel.
I want to first THANK YOU to all of whom have trusted their health in my hands and to get them feeling better. I will never betray that trust and my goal is to help you understand what you’ll need to do in order to live a long, quality life without aches and pain in order to enjoy your grand-kids, activities, or working without pain.

For my new patients, I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help you on the path of getting pain free and provide me the time in order to empower you with the knowledge you’ll need to live a pain free lifestyle.

After 1st treatment I was able to sit up in bed after a night’s sleep without pain! No headaches the next day either. I look forward to my next appointment!
Cydnie P., Patient
I have been a patient of Dr. Nguyen’s for a few months now. I came to the office with neck problems. With the help of Dr. Nguyen and his staff the neck pain has completely subsided. I am grateful to them for their care and professional abilities to help me feel better.
Lisa G., Patient
I am seeing the knee muscles getting stronger. I can stand with equal weight on both knees for longer periods of time. Before I had to put all my weight on one leg. I am able to use the kneelers at Mass. The pain in my shoulder/mid upper back is improving, there are longer periods of fain free and when there is pain it is less severe. I have seen an improvement overall.
Deborah B., Patient
I am very happy to say that my headaches have gone away which was my main issue. I wake up feeling good instead of waking up with a headache. I have had a great experience and learned a lot about keeping myself healthy.
Arlysse B., Patient
I love coming to the office I feel everyone truly cares about me and are doing their very best to make sure I have a great experience. I have had the best massage experience!
Jennifer I., Patient

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Your First Visit

You will be greeted by the receptionist or the doctor himself with a warm welcome. If you haven’t filled out our online intake form, we will have a form prepared for you to fill out. After you’ve filled out your form, we will answer any questions you have regarding insurance or our very affordable care plans or any other questions you have may have at the time.

Then we will begin our thorough history and exam which includes questions about your past and present medical history. Then we will perform various exams to pinpoint where and what the problem may be. These exams include range of motion, neurological exam, muscle exam, sensory exam, and orthopedic exams. At this time, if the doctor feels he needs x-rays to get a better understanding of what may be the cause of the problem, they will be taken in the clinic. Once all the information is presented, we can accurately diagnose the complaint and present you with a treatment plan. After you’ve accepted the treatment course, we can immediately begin the process of getting you back on your feet living a pain free life. Click here to get started on your care!

Meridian is the perfect office for muscle & Back pain remedies Jacksonville, FL for all your health and wellness needs. We are ready to help and educate all of our patients what a world of difference your life can be with a healthy body, and healthy outlook to life.

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