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The goal of Meridian Integrative Wellness (MIW) is to provide our community with quality chiropractic and health care. We will relieve your symptoms, but more importantly, empower our you with the knowledge of how to prevent problems from arising in the future. We strive to motivate and inspire our patients to be proactive in their health with great compassion. Our team of doctors and staff is always patient-centered providing the needed support in order to get you back on your feet. We will protect the trust you’ve given us and provide you with the value you deserve.

For those that have not been to our office or have not had chiropractic care, we offer a risk-free $29 visit to see our chiropractor. We are confident in our ability to provide you results and get you well. This offer is only available to new patients, so take advantage of the opportunity. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (904) 379-9412! You can also schedule your appointment below! Hope to see you soon!

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3 Mistakes To Avoid After Getting Into A Car Accident

In our office, we treat muscle and joint pain sustained from car accidents and sports injuries. For the most part, these problems can be fixed very easily given that it was treated early. What makes treatment more complicated is people tend to wait until things are really bad! This happens more often than not, especially those that have been in minor to moderate type of accidents. In this article, I’d like to share the 3 most common mistakes that I’ve observed over the years speaking with my patients who have been in a car accident. […]

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5 Common Holiday Accidents and Injuries and How to Avoid them

It’s that time of the season again. And while everybody is preparing for that wonderful occasion: spending time with family and friends, setting up that colorful lights in the spirit of the holidays, planning for that perfect getaway, wrapping presents and some fun-filled decorations for the spirit of the holidays. In this season while you try to make a wonderful memory, being extra cautious in going about various activities is completely necessary. We’ve listed 5 common Holiday accident and injuries for awareness and in the event of unfortunate events, you may know what to do: […]

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Important Reasons why Chiropractic Care is necessary after a Car Accident

Why a Chiropractic Care is necessary after a Car Accident?

We listed important reasons why chiropractic care is necessary after a car accident. Our backbone is one important part of the skeletal system, as it is where our spine is located, which serves as a support of our entire body to stand  straight, bend or even twist our body, not to mention it holds our shoulder, head and upper body. Imagine how things would be if your spine is damaged? Then it would be difficult for anyone to do the usual things that a person normally do. And this is something we wanted to prevent. […]

  • Osteoporosis Bones Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Care for Osteoporosis — What you can do about it naturally!

Osteoporosis is commonly known as the “silent disease”, mostly because it progresses without any outward symptoms or signs for years and sometimes even decades. It is a bone weakening disease that develops gradually and makes bones so fragile that they could fracture under normal use.  A minor fall or even a bump can cause a bone to break in someone with osteoporosis and normally this would not occur in someone without the disease. Osteoporosis affects over ten million people, causing 1.5 million fractures from the disease and usually common fractures sites tend to occur in the spine, then hips, followed by forearms and other bones. […]